Bring your family and friends! Otherwise, they will be jealous they didn't go.

Get there early for best parking which is free! You don't want to end up in the tumbleweeds. Plus, you will be totally annoyed if you missed the skydivers and the two F-16s because they are flying early or not stay long enough cauz the A-4 Skyhawk is flying last.

Bring the kids, because they are going to have such a great time they will sleep well that night.

Wear sunscreen, because it is going to be sunny and gorgeous and if you played hookie to go to the airshow your colleagues will know you went to the airshow if you show up to work with a racoon sunglasses tan.

Wear sunglasses, hats, etc. because you know you look cool in them. Earplugs or headsets are not a bad idea (especially for kids) cauz the jets are going to be SUPER AMAZING!

Bring a folding chair if you want. This may help you get so comfi, you won't want to get up and you will not miss any of the performers. Bleachers are available free of charge. You can bring a stadium cushion for the bleachers.

Charge your cell phone and maybe bring a back-up booster because you we know are going to take a lot of photos and a TON of selfies! And you know you are going to share them with all your friends on social media and on the Apple Valley Airshow page!

Bring cash cause you know you want a blue snow cone so you can take a selfie with your blue tongue and post it so you can let your friends know you are at the Apple Valley Airshow. Anyway, ATMs available at minimal fees and some vendors may take cards.

What's permitted and prohibited is found online. Do click on the FAQs page, you wouldn't want to bring a large beach umbrella or a large cooler and have to walk back to the car. That would make anyone cranky. You can bring a small personal size snack bag. Read all the FAQs at

No dogs or pets allowed. Service animals ok. However, the jet noise may freak them out and the asphalt may be hot for their paws. You know they like to sleep on the couch when you are gone.

So, come out and have a great time. It will be a ton more fun than chilling on the couch. The weather is going to be perfect so it’s time to get out of the house! Wear comfi shoes.